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Indianapolis Met TeacherIndianapolis Met is filled with teachers and staff who have a passion for helping people, especially students.

Ms. Sharon Douglas, a science instructor, is one of those individuals. Ms. Douglas joined the school in 2011, first as a substitute teacher. After having success with the students and building great relationships with the staff, Ms. Douglas was invited to stay as a full-time instructor. Ms. Douglas accepted the position because the work is fulfilling.

“There’s something rewarding about helping students transition from difficult family and life situations. I enjoy being able to give them hope,” Ms. Douglas said. “Watching them become adults and apply what they’ve learned gives me a lot of satisfaction.”

In addition to helping students evolve both inside and outside of the classroom, Ms. Douglas has a real love for science and enjoys sharing that love daily. She incorporates practical lessons to make it more relatable to students.

“Students look forward to the fun facts I present in my classes,” Ms. Douglas said. “I try to get them curious about the ‘why’ in science and incorporate what’s happening in the world such as the eclipse or global warming.”

Some of Ms. Douglas’s students illustrate how hands-on learning can be easier to grasp than traditional teaching through lectures.

“They sometimes struggle during tests after learning from powerpoint presentations and note-taking. I’ve found they are able to present their knowledge better when they can show it,” Ms. Douglas said. “Just because a student can’t express themselves one way, doesn’t mean they can’t do it differently.”

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