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Students Get New Experience with PoetryThis year, Indianapolis Met introduced a new, diverse roster of elective classes. Teachers were able to select an elective they would like to offer, and one that is encouraging creativity from our students is the poetry class.

Kimberly Massoud has been an English instructor at Indianapolis Met for five years and felt it was important to offer poetry as a separate class from English.

“Poetry allows students to play with language and share orally, which is a central part of many student’s cultural identities. I believe this should be encouraged and explored,” Massoud said. “It allows students to view an English classroom as a pleasant and fun place to learn.”

The goals of the poetry class impact creativity and student support as well.

“I hope the class increases appreciation and understanding of language in a risk-free and supportive environment,” Massoud said. “We will be able to showcase students with a compilation of their best work as well.”

Ms. Massoud believes that students will have opportunities to share poetry nationally during this class, but for now she is pleased with how the class has impacted students so far.

“An unexpected outcome from this poetry class has been an amazingly supportive environment among students of all different skill levels and grades who wouldn’t normally be placed in the same classroom,” Massoud said.